About Our Business
The Lilly Rose Company was founded in 2001 when a breakthrough container product was
developed that dramatically reduces spillage of liquids and personal items in storage.

Our Company is dedicated to providing products that make the job of dispensing and storage
more convenient anywhere in the home or in moving vehicles where a kitchen and bath are
needed while offering a variety of add-on components that allow the user to change the look of
the container to match room decor or personal mood.

In the late 1990's, the founders, Grace and Carmine Gugliotti had bought an older home in
Florida with a outdated kitchen. One day at the kitchen, Carmine noticed the built-in soap
dispenser was broken and it was so old that no replacement parts were available so for a
while it remained that way. Oddly enough, beside the broken dispenser, Grace would substitute
either a $1.99 squeezable soap dispenser or a regular table-top pump dispenser. The
squeeze type plastic bottle was functional, but not very decorative and the regular table top unit
looked better but it was made of material that terribly scuffed and scratched the sink top.

The kitchen sink, as most of our family and friends knew,  was a very important part of our
family with frequent use as Grace was a great chef and many dishes were cleaned each night.
During every clean-up, both the squeeze type and table top pump dispenser inevitably ended
up in the sink splashing water up and making a greater mess. Out of frustration, Grace asked if
there was any way to make the dispenser stay in place. Carmine, the engineer, immediately
began to think of ways to elegantly attach the table top unit (which looked better) to the sink
edge. Of course there was always glue, Velcro, tape but none of these would be "elegant" or
have "staying power". So out of the blue, and who knows how creative juices flow through
people, Carmine first drilled a hole through the bottom of the table top dispenser. He then
removed the built-in dispenser which left a big hole in the sink. Then he fabricated a make-shift
metal Staypin with a wide base to cover the hole in the sink and screwed it tight from
underneath the sink. Of course the Staypin loosely fit the hole that was drilled into the table top
dispenser and when the dispenser was placed on the Staypin, it never fell in the sink again. It
met the criteria for "elegance" since the Staypin stays put forever and its hidden inside the
dispenser so you cannot see it!. Carmine and Grace were ecstatic!

The first Stayware Easyfillnospill dispenser was born!

Of course, at that point it worked so well, both Carmine and Grace could easily see that this pin
and bottle arrangement was much, much more than just a soap dispenser.

Since then, we have patented the product and began shipping to many happy customers. When
we designed the screw-on lid for easy filling, we widened our client base:

Visually impaired users
Mobility impaired users.
RV enthusiasts
Boat owners
Home owners
Hot tub facilities
Computer schools

Virtually, anywhere that motion is involved, Stayware easyfillnospill containers prevent spillage.
Today, we continue to work on components and container designs that fit the style and needs
of users and we will not stop until everyone has had an opportunity to enjoy our Stayware
easyfillnospill  products.
About Us

We are glad you found this site! If you have ever heard of the "swifter" floor cleaning product,you
know that the swifter has made the job of floor cleaning more convenient. If you like
convenience, like most people do, then you can appreciate this Stayware soap dispenser
developed by The Lilly Rose Company.

The really neat thing about Stayware products is this mounting Staypin that can be attached to
any flat surface. This Staypin holds the soap dispenser in a fixed position. You can remove the
soap dispenser and take it to another room, but the Staypin itself is fixed. It can either be
mounted with a self stick tape or with a screw and washer. The self stick mount doesn't need a
hole in the surface. It mounts just about on anything. Just clean the surface, whether it be a
counter, sink edge, hot tub, or wherever you would like to have you soap, peel the label off and
stick! Thats it! The hardware mounted Staypin is just as easy to install ,but, it needs at least a
5/16" hole for mounting to allow the 1/4" screw (part of the hardware package) to pass through
the surface. Once the screw is passed through, the washer and wing nut tighten the Staypin
from underneath and hold the Staypin tight to the surface. The stem is designed with a 2"
diameter base, perfect for covering the 1.5" hole in the sink edge. This is the hole in the sink
that you would use for either the built-in soap dispenser or the reverse osmosis water tap, or
sprayer hose,etc. If you don't like to drill holes, its just as easy to use the peel and stick Staypin.

So why does this mounting stem make this product better than what is already on the market?
Several reasons.......Reason# 1) The dispenser won't fall into the sink. Ever! You can hit it with a
pan, pull the sprayer hose around it or have a soapy slippery surface and it will just sit there on
the Staypin. Remember, all this kitchen sink activity is happening dynamically and everyone
wants to get it done ASAP!! So a troublesome soap dispenser can slow you down! In a survey, 9
out of 10 people say the soap dispenser falls into the sink all the time! Then you have to stop
what you are doing, pull the dispenser out of the sink, clean up and then finish the job you
started. So now with Stayware you can be sure the dispenser will stay at the sink and allow you
to finish the job you started without delays.....That, my fellow readers, is convenience!

Reason #2)This soap dispenser is really easy to fill! The dispenser cover is 3" in diameter.
Thats like the size of a Skippy peanut butter jar lid. You normally have to fill the soap through a
small opening where the pump unscrews. This is true also for built-in types. You have to either
have very steady hands, or you can use a funnel. For built-in types, the refill process is harder
since you don't really know when you are full. You don't even know if you need soap since the
container is under the sink and not visible. So therefore, you can overfill the container and oh,
what a mess! Everyone we talked to says the built-in type is a pain because it overfills. Our easy
fill lid and clear container allows you to easily see the fill level and is easy to fill. Easy filling
prevents delays and once again, CONVENIENCE!

So that is how we got our name STAYWARE!

Now that you know how the product works, Stayware benefits can now be easily identified in
different markets and applications. For example, anything that has a moving kitchen or bath or
has motion involved you need a soap dispenser thats easy to fill, doesn't spill and will stay
put...........Like motor coaches,cars, RVs, trailers, boats, yachts. You don't have to put the
dispenser away before you take off on the open road.

Since the stem is in a fixed position, it makes it perfect for visually impaired folks that have a
better life when things are fixed in the same spot. The Staypin is sleek and tapered so that the
dispenser is easily mounted and can be found with the sense of touch rather than sight.

Baby bath time is another great reason to have an Stayware dispenser. Its nice when you can
hold your baby firmly with one hand and pump liquid soap or lotion with the other hand and not
tip over the dispenser.

But the Stayware concept is much, much more. We can change the lids to make different
products with the same Stayware characteristics. Like:

AND ON....AND ON....AND ON.....
We hope you will continue to check out our website for new applications and to see what else
we are working on. Look for our ads in Family Motor coaching and Highways magazines.

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